Trauma Technologies, Inc.

Patient Comfort Through Product Innovation

Trauma Technologies, Inc is an Emergency Medical products design and marketing company. Through many years of hands-on "real life" experience in the ER, Dr. Dave Schenck has developed a keen sense of what works and what does not work in actual ER situations. Many of the products developed are ideas that are derived from practical common sense knowledge that Dr. Schenck has developed over the years, as well as new, cutting edge technology. Trauma Technologies has taken well established ideas in product design and enhanced many of their features. Trauma Technologies, Inc. has also patented new technology in maximizing patient comfort with emergency equipment in regard to our Spine Board Pressure Relief Gel, better known as PRO-TECH Gel.

Please review our product line and if you have ideas to enhance our products or new products that you would like to see added to our offering, we would love to hear about it! If you would like to discuss purchasing our products or becoming a distributor pleasecontact us or call(814) 774-8219.

Thanks for checking out Trauma Technologies, Inc.  We hope you enjoy the innovative new products we offer as much as we enjoyed developing them!

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patient comfort through product innovation!