Patient Comfort Through Product Innovation


 Weight Capacity*  Our sturdy Spine board can be used for the majority of patients in a wide range of situations.
Head Gear and Strap Holes Increased security for the correct use of head gear during the immobilization of patients.
Central Concavity  Centers the patient on the board which decreases pain and results in easier transportation.
Large Handles Better accommodates the EMT personnel and allows for more ease of movement.
Decreases Patient Pain Our signature 'pressure relief' system and the central concavity of our boards along with our available patented padding offer maximum comfort for your patients.
Pressure Relief System Our unique gels decrease pressure to sensitive areas such as the scapula, sacrum and heels, again, providing the most comfort possible to the patient.
Pressure Sore Relief This system reduces pressure below 26 mmhg (The pressure necessary to cause venous stasis and ultimately skin ulcerations.)
Elevated Handles The raised handles design allows for easier lifting from all surfaces, saving valuable time and increasing overall rescue efficiency.
Available Carbon Insert This available feature increases the rigidity of the central portion of the board, ultimately reducing board flexation.
 Sized to Store Boards At 72" X 16" by 1-3/4 " thick, our spine boards are sized to store in emergency vehicles. Store two of our space conscious boards in 1 ambulance compartment and conserve space.
 Anti-static Addition As an optional add on, this feature eliminates static between the patient, technicians and equipment in the surrounding area.
 Tapered for Extrication Our boards are designed with a 2 inch taper, making it easier to access patients in smaller areas for extrication.
Anti-Microbial Pads Available only with the gel pads, this feature minimizes the transfer of viral and bacteriological pathogens.
No Pad Attachment Adhesive No adhesive means no accumulation of bodily fluids or other potentially hazardous materials.
Re-usable Pads Our pads are machine washable and easy to re-install.
Imaging Trauma boards are X-Ray translucent through the spinal cavity! The Trauma Board 600 and 450 100% X-Ray translucent.  They will never interfere with X-Ray interpretation.
Pediatric Friendly Specialized pinned slotted area uses standard straps to fit smaller patients.
Convenient Weight As low as 13.5lbs and never exceeding 20lbs, our line of boards are extremely easy to position and carry for easier patient extraction without sacrificing the board's rigidity.
 Quality Affordability

Trauma boards are economically friendly as well!  Prices start at $60 and vary depending on optional accessory add-ons.

 *600 lb. capacity determined by supporting boards at 6 points of carry. 4 points of carry reduces capacity to 400 lbs. or less on the Trauma Board 600.  Trauma Board 1000 can support up to 1000lbs at 4 carry points and the Trauma board 450 can support up to 450lbs at 4 carrypoints.

                                                           **Custom monogramming available on all boards**

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