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Sometimes having great prices isn't enough. So here at Trauma, we want to make every effort to help you get the supplies you need and there's no better way than through a grant. Just fill in as much information as possible and we'll find as many applicable grants as we can. It's just that easy!

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Terms and Disclaimer

Trauma Technologies, Inc. takes no responsibility for any incorrect information or legal actions against you that may occur due to incorrect information. Trauma Technologies, Inc. does not guarentee financial assistance will be awarded nor does it take responsibility for the accuracy of the information used in this form or completeness regarding the ability to assist in the securing of funding. Trauma Technologies, Inc. will make every attempt to aid you in the grant writing process and assist with finding applicable grants. We will keep your information confidential and only provide it to institutions when it is required for the application process. Trauma Technologies, Inc. reserves the right to refuse assistance at any time. Please note that we currently accept applications from entities based in the United States of America only. Please contact us with questions or further assistance.