Carbon Traction Splint

Price: $228.24

Carbon Traction Splint


  • Ankle Hitch Designed for all sizes
  • Intergral Reflective Strap System
  • Field Tested: 30,000 units in use
  • No Perineal Nerve Impingement
  • Minimal patient movement
  • Extender Leg Strap, for large patients
  • New tube construction for added durability
  • High Tensile Carbon Tubes-Strong and Stiff
  • High Visibility Straps
  • Solve all your leg traction needs with one device
  • Compact, powerful, reliable
  • Wider Ishial Strap for increased patient comfort

  • New Swivel Unit for increased strength and minimal unit extrusion
  • 4:1 Pulley Traction System
  • Easy micro adjustment
  • Allows traction on the largest of patients

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Temperature Stability
  • Strength to weight ratio
  • Yield strength
  • Compression characteristics
  • Radar Reflection
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    Two ratchet types:   Injection Molded and Aluminum
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