Hare Traction Leg Splints Combo Pack

Price: $541.18

Hare Traction Leg Splints Combo Pack

Injection molded (+$0):
Aluminum (+$164.7):

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  • 1 Adult + 1 Pediatric splint + Bag + Ratchet
  • Compact, strong, Light
  • Aluminum or Molded Ratchet
  • Field Tested
  • Minimal patient movement
  • Integral Heel Rest for easy use
  • Intuitive "Hex Lock" adjusting system
  • Description

    Buy the combo pack and save versus buying the adult and pediatric splints separately.  We even sweetened the deal by offering FREE SHIPPING!

    Comes in a complete kit with ankle straps, ankle hitch and carrying case included.
    Protect your patient from further hemorrhage and additional nerve, vascular, bone and muscle damage.
    Available with 2 different style ratchets:
    Injection molded and Anodized Aluminum

    Two ratchet types: Injection Molded and Aluminum
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