Pro-Tech Spine Board Gel Pads

Price: $213.62

Pro-Tech Spine Board Gel Pads


  • Soft, Hypoallergenic gel pads
  • Use on spine boards, tables, or anywhere pressure relief is required
  • Use on all standard back boards
  • Cleans easily for repeated use
  • Shock and puncture resistant
  • Gel is clinically proven to reduce or eliminate pressure sores
  • Description

    The PRO-TECH Spine Board pad allows for focused pressure relief at each boney prominence while your patient is lying supine.  They are x-ray translucent and fully machine washable with a non-skid backing eliminating the need for adhesives and / or Velcro.  The PRO-TECH pad reduces the risk of pressure ulcers while enhancing patient comfort during emergency transport.  This reduction can result in hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars in savings for hospitals. For more information, read about the PRO-TECH gel pad study.

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