Glow Spine Board 600 BB600Z

Price: $265.00

Glow Spine Board 600 BB600Z

No pins (+$0):
Adult pins (+$10):
Pediatric pins (+$10):
Adult & Ped pins (+$18):


  • Can support up to 600lbs
  • Weighs only 16lbs and is optimized for low profile storage
  • At 72" X 16" by 1-3/4 " thick, our spine boards are sized to store in emergency vehicles. Store two of our space conscious boards in 1 ambulance compartment and conserve space.
  • 100% X-Ray translucent
  • Developed with specially placed cavaities to reduce pressure on the 5th and 6th cervical region for both adult and pediatric patients
  • Supports many accessory options, such as adult and pediatric pins, head immobilizers*, and a large variety of straps
  • Will continue to glow for roughly 24-36 hours after only a short amount of exposure to light!**
  • Patent Pending
  • Description

    Based on our revolutionary Trauma Board 600 model, we've produced the first ever glow-in-the-dark spine board.  In desparate rescue missions, you don't have time to fumble around in the dark with spineboards and straps.  With the Glow Board 600, you will always know where the board and strap points are.  Plus you get all of the same great features as our 600 model.

    The Trauma backboard in the Glow material as seen from aboveThe Trauma back and spine board in orange with straps attached The Trauma backboard spineboard underside in blue The Trauma back and spine board as seen from the front (profile view)